About Us

"Bait Laazmai" was established to provide a one-stop shop service and extensive solution for all freelancers in Israel.

At first, the company's managers started out in the business world as independent couriers in a courier company. During their work, they encountered many difficulties and complex bureaucracy that every small business owner experiences in managing finances, when all the financial companies that offered their services, offered a deficient service, so that freelancers did not always receive the appropriate answer to all the questions and problems that arose in their business.

Therefore, they decided to do something about it and take care of all the members working as couriers. They decided to establish a perfect solution that no one had provided or offered before.

"Bait Laazmai" – The company that provides extensive and professional solutions to all the issues that an independent worker in Israel faces when dealing with the authorities and the use of discounts and rights in government offices, so that the worker can promote their business and engage in their professional field without further interruptions.

"Bait Laazmai" has a call center, a staffed and frontal service center and a WhatsApp service center that allows you to get help and get a quick and professional answer to any question or problem.


The services we provide to freelancers:

Issuance of a standard paycheck that meets Tax Authority and VAT standards.

Regular reports, help and professional assistance by qualified professionals (lawyer, CPA), assistance and support in filing claims, settlement with all insurance companies and a variety of insurances and special customized coverages.

The company also provides financing services to large companies, such as international money transfers and salary payments to employees in local currency.

We are at your service