Insurance – Why is it important?

Dear Courier, insurance is an integral part of the job and is extremely important.

Accidents surprise us in our daily lives all the time, especially during work, an accident can occur on the way to the workplace, on the way home from the workplace, and even while resting, therefore it is important that the insurance coverage fits the customer's needs like a tailor-made suit. In the event that the right insurance is not purchased and there is no appropriate coverage, the purchased policy may not be helpful and not provide any coverage in case of an accident.

We at “Bait Laazmai” will make sure to fit the personalized insurance for you, which provides you with the most extensive and most affordable coverage.

Full support from the first moment

When an accident occurs, we find ourselves in a very sensitive situation and we sometimes even feel helpless, therefore, we understand this and are at your service in case of injury or legal claim or any other issue:

  • Support from a personal agent – Filing claims with insurance companies up to the moment of receiving payment for the damage and help in realizing your rights, help in filling out and submitting all forms and documents.
  • The validity of the policy – There is no cooling-off period and no certification period.
  • Financial security – In the event of an accident, we can guarantee you financial compensation and coverage of expenses depending on the average salary.
  • Personalized insurance – We will adjust the most extensive coverage for you and your needs (scooter/bicycle/motor scooter).
  • More extensive coverage – Our policy covers you even when you leave the workplace or even when you get injured outside of your working hours anywhere.

Leave your details and our representative will call you in order to adjust the best insurance plan for you.


If you are interested in being independent, whether it is your business in any field, or whether you are interested in working with the Wolt contractor company and providing invoices as a freelancer with the company, we are here for you.

Being an independent business owner in Israel is not a simple matter. There is quite a bit of bureaucracy that every independent business owner has to deal with, therefore, if you want to be sure that your business will be managed in the best way, from the financial point of view, and experts in the field will handle all the bureaucracy – We are here for you!

We make sure not only that you get paid as a freelancer, but make sure to explain to you every element that can be significant in your work, such as insurances and various funds, thus allowing you to work in a much more protected and safe way.

Leave your details and our representative will call you in order to adjust the best insurance plan for you.

We are at your service