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ori chemo
קרא עוד
Been using the service for three months. Beyond the fact that it saves any bureaucratic hassle at a nominal cost, the business provides excellent, immediate service, maybe a minute passes from the moment the invoice is requested until it is sent to me, simply perfect service. Thank you very much, it's so good to have such an option!
קרא עוד
Thank you. Hi, I just wanted to say that I have been using your service for several months now and I am very satisfied. The staff is kind, tolerant, attentive and responds quickly. I have already recommended you to several of my friends, keep it up.
ofir sharon
קרא עוד
Thank you. "You will deal with your work and we will take care of everything", one sentence that was so much pleasure to hear and indeed that's how it goes! Fast, patient and pleasant service! The wide scope of bureaucracy that they save from me really makes it possible to do my job without wasting time and energy on unnecessary hassle (in my opinion). For those of you who are still wondering about which company to work with, trust me, I did the preliminary research for you, and now that I'm using the service, I highly recommend it!!

Bait Laazmai: Anything a Freelancer Needs

Many freelancers do not wish to deal with the tax authorities and prefer to focus on their profession without the bureaucracy. “Bait Laazmai” allows them to do so

From being a courier to being on a mission

Ehud Tzafriri, founded "Bait Laazmai" after he himself was a courier and experienced the burden and difficulties of management and finances as a small business owner. Especially during the Covid-19 period, how, as freelancers, will you survive the period and save yourself a headache?

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